DSR Don’t Forget About Your Laundry

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Nottingham Tax Expert Advises Construction Workers Not to Forget HMRC Allowances on Laundry

A leading tax expert today warned construction (CIS) workers not to forget about their dirty laundry when filling in their tax returns. DSR Tax Refunds founder David Redfern warned that many construction workers, as well as other self-employed workers, were missing out on thousands in unclaimed tax rebates due to their lack of knowledge about HMRC expenses allowances.

Tax expert Redfern stated that although many workers were aware that they could claim for the cost of buying protective clothing, many people were unaware that if they wore any work clothing which displayed a company logo, they could claim for the expense of having them washed. He noted that “clean clothes are a necessity but many CIS workers don’t realise that they could claim for the cost of keeping their company logo clothing clean – there is literally cash in their laundry basket that they just don’t know about!”. He added that such claims could be backdated if a claim hadn’t previously been made.
Highlighting the lack of transparent information for CIS workers regarding what they could claim expenses on, Redfern added that CIS workers could be throwing away thousands in unclaimed expenses without realising it. He stressed the value in involving specialist tax preparation experts such as DSR Tax Refunds, who work with CIS workers to ensure that they claim their maximum rebate. He added that it wasn’t just clothing that was being overlooked, but accommodation and subsistence expenses as well as expenses for tools and travel. Noting that he appreciated that “for many construction workers, sorting out their expenses is probably the last thing they want to do after a hard day at work”, he stressed that his company of tax experts were at hand to take the pain out of any expenses claim.
He concluded by emphasising the friendly and professional team behind him at DSR Tax Refunds and pointed out that their 100% client satisfaction rates were leading to more and more clients seeking out their specialist taxation services and added that they were so confident that they could help that they offered their services on a no-refund, no-fee basis, urging construction workers to “stop washing their cash away along with their dirty clothes”.
For High Res images or media enquiries, please contact: David Redfern on 0330 122 9972 or email info@tax-refunds.co.uk
DSR Tax Refunds are tax preparation experts, based in Nottingham, UK, who specialise in helping clients win tax refunds on a no-refund, no-fee basis. Their specialist team can help workers and subcontractors with all relevant paperwork to ensure their claim is handled in an accurate and efficient manner.

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