Meet Taxman and Robin, the Crime-fighting Duo at DSR Tax Refunds Ltd

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Superhero Scarecrows Part of Bank Holiday Fun at Greasley Gathering

The fight against financial crime has been boosted by the arrival of Taxman and Robin, the duo of crime-fighting scarecrows who make up DSR Tax Refunds Ltd.’s contribution to the scarecrow walk for the Greasley Gathering celebrations on Bank Holiday Monday. The event takes place each Spring Bank Holiday in the Greasley, Newthorpe and Moorgreen areas of Nottinghamshire. This year’s scarecrow walk has a superhero theme and scarecrows representing family favourite cartoon heroes will be displayed around Moorgreen as a part of the free family event, which takes place been 10am and 5pm and provides entertainment for the whole family to enjoy – with go-karting for children and adults, a climbing wall and many other delights for families to look forward to.

Tax preparation specialist and Managing Director of DSR Tax Refunds Ltd David Redfern commented that “Playing a vital role at the heart of our local community is a large part of our company values and so it is really important to us to take part in events such as the Greasley Gathering. These traditional family events are so valuable in terms of building strong local communities and it always makes me proud to see our neighbourhood pull together to make sure that the event is a success, especially at a time when so many community events fall off due to lack of involvement. It is also a great way to support local businesses, like @itude Clothing and Design Printing Services, who as usual, have made a fantastic job of Taxman and Robin, our two scarecrows. These events are a brilliant opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends and I hope that everyone who takes part has a great day”.

The Greasley Gathering event is a now traditional feature of the Spring Bank Holiday and features much in the way of free family entertainment for the local community to enjoy. As well as go-karting and a digi-climbing wall, which lights up when being climbed, people who attend the event will also have musical entertainment from the Ilkeston Brass Band as well as the Lah-Di-Dah vintage singers as well as competitions, stalls and refreshments to help them make the most of the day. At the same time, nearby Beauvale Priory will be hosting the final day of its May Beer Festival with musical entertainment in the barn as well as inflatables and fairground rides for children to enjoy. Redfern added “I hope the local community comes out to enjoy all that this bank holiday has to offer because it really is a fabulous local event and don’t forget to give Taxman and Robin a wave if you see them”.

The Greasley Gathering takes place on Monday 27th May 2019 in various locations in the Greasley, Newthorpe and Moorgreen area of Nottinghamshire between 10am and 5pm. Taxman and Robin will be standing guard outside DSR Tax Refunds Ltd alongside many other heroic scarecrows along the Scarecrow Walk.

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