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UK tax expert David Redfern today blasted the lack of tax relief information available to the average working person in the UK. Redfern, of DSR Tax Refunds, highlighted the gap in awareness of various tax reliefs which penalises those workers who would benefit the most from claiming them.

Redfern stated today that he was finding repeated examples within his work where hardworking individuals had previously been missing out on the various tax reliefs available to them, potentially missing out on hundreds of pounds a year in households which were increasingly cash-strapped. He stated that “From Marriage Allowance to the Personal Savings Allowance on savings interest, time and time again I see hard-working people missing out on the tax reliefs they are entitled to for one reason and one reason only – they just don’t know that they are entitled to claim these reliefs”. He contrasted that with higher-earning taxpayers who were more likely to employ the services of an accountant or tax professional and who were therefore more likely to be claiming their full allowable tax relief.

Redfern placed the blame on lack of awareness in the general public. He stated that “People are potentially missing out on hundreds of pounds each year just because they don’t know they are entitled to these reliefs”. He noted that whilst the information was available on the HMRC website, taxpayers were expected to search out this information for themselves rather than there being an awareness campaign to highlight these tax reliefs. Redfern added that “our team has been hard at work over the past financial quarter, creating a knowledge base of taxation information in easy-to-understand language which is available on our website but I would like to see a wider campaign to increase public awareness of their tax relief entitlement”.

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