Tax Specialist Highlights Importance of Tax Compliance

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Importance of tax complianceOne of the UK’s leading tax preparation specialists today spoke out about the importance of tax compliance, in light of concerning reports regarding tax agents and workers failing to comply with HMRC’s regulations when submitting Self Assessment tax returns and rebate claims. David Redfern, tax expert and founder of DSR Tax Refunds today warned workers to ensure that their dealings with HMRC remained on the right side of HMRC legislation or face the full weight of HMRC’s punishing consequences.

Speaking today, Redfern noted that he was increasingly speaking to potential clients who had been previously badly advised by both professionals and fellow workers by encouraging false or exaggerated information – both in their Self Assessment tax returns and tax refund claims. Redfern urged people to steer clear of such advice, warning “It’s often seen as a soft or victimless crime, a way to increase one’s own bank balance with little harm done but non-compliance with HMRC’s regulations is far more serious than imagined – not only depriving the UK of necessary tax revenue but also leaving those people at risk of large penalties and fines when HMRC discover the deception, which they do far more often than people realise. HMRC puts much of its resources into investigating and discovering those who are not being honest with their taxes”.

Redfern urged people to consider the source of their tax information carefully, adding that “while friends very often have the best intentions when they give tax advice, it is in your interests to disregard any advice that suggests that not complying with HMRC legislation is a good idea – after all, they won’t be the ones facing an investigation from HMRC, you will”. He had sterner words for those within the tax industry who encouraged non-compliance, stating that “tax professionals who encourage their clients to bend or fudge the rules reflect badly on the whole industry – responsible tax agents will never encourage client dishonesty due to the very real and serious consequences of those actions”. Redfern encouraged those workers who deal with HMRC to educate themselves on tax rules and regulations to make sure that they don’t fall prey to bad advice.

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