Tax Specialists Firm Pioneer Use of HMRC API Data

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One of the UK’s leading tax preparation specialist firms is pioneering the use of HMRC’s API (Application Programming Interface) as part of the government’s Making Tax Digital strategy. DSR Tax Refunds, based in Nottingham, are one of the earliest adopters of the software and programming developments being made by HMRC in their aim to make all UK tax transactions digital by 2020.
Leading UK tax expert and founder of DSR Tax Refunds, David Redfern, explained today that the benefits of using HMRC API data increased efficiency for both his company and HMRC, as well as aiding HMRC compliance.
Explaining the firm’s pioneering use of API data on behalf of their clients, Redfern stated that he was a key supporter of the UK government’s Making Tax Digital scheme, adding that “with the ability to pull meaningful and accurate data straight from HMRC, the use of the API allows us to perform accurate and efficient calculations, increasing HMRC compliance as well as reducing the workload on HMRC staff”. He added that their innovative use of API data streams allowed them to benefit their clients with the ability to pull real-time data from HMRC whilst supporting HMRC’s aim to improve compliance.
HMRC’s Making Tax Digital strategy aims to move the UK to a fully digital tax system by 2020, potentially removing the requirement for annual tax returns. With HMRC creating digital tax accounts for all UK businesses and individuals, and an estimated 1.1 billion digital tax transactions now taking place annually, Redfern predicted that many other firms within the financial services sector will follow the lead of DSR Tax Refunds. He stated that he “expects other companies to follow our example and move their business models into the digital age by using API, after all it’s the best way to ensure data accuracy as well as time and effort efficiencies. I’m proud that DSR Tax Refunds are leading the way in aiding HMRC in Making Tax Digital”.
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DSR Tax Refunds are tax preparation experts, based in Nottingham, UK, who specialise in helping clients win tax refunds on a no-refund, no-fee basis. Their specialist team can help workers and subcontractors with all relevant paperwork to ensure their claim is handled in an accurate and efficient manner.

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