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The early tax rebate service is a way for you to get some of your money back from your business expenses early, rather than having to wait until the end of the tax year. DSR Tax Refunds can calculate how much you are owed from HMRC and help you to claim that money back now, instead of having to wait until the tax year ends at April. We help you through the claims process and guarantee that you will have your money within 21 days.If you are a construction (CIS) worker, or a PAYE employee who incurs business expenses as a part of your day-to-day working life, then you may be eligible to claim them back before the end of the tax year.You can request your Tax Claim pack from the website or by calling us on 0115 795 0232. Once you have filled it in and sent it back, including proof of earnings and receipts for your expenses, our expert team of tax specialists get to work calculating your refund.
However, if you hate filling in forms or find the whole thing just too taxing or time-consuming, give our friendly team a call and we will be happy to help you through the process. Remember, we are always here to help.When we receive your completed Tax Claim pack, our team set to work calculating the refund that you are entitled to. We are so confident in our specialist tax expertise that we guarantee that you will receive any rebate you are entitled to within 21 days, paid straight into your bank account (or nominated account).As long as the information you have provided to DSR Tax Refunds is full and accurate, your rebate is 100% guaranteed by us, so once you have received your rebate it is yours to keep!No, you don’t! We offer our tax rebate service as a no-rebate, no-fee service so if you can’t obtain a refund you won’t pay us a penny. And if you are eligible for a rebate, you won’t pay a fee until you have approved the tax return and the rebate amount calculated by DSR Tax Refunds.No, DSR Tax Refunds offers you an advance on your tax rebate, which we pay within 21 days of a successful application. We then receive the gross rebate from HMRC. You don’t enter into a loan agreement with DSR Tax Refunds.We would be delighted if you referred your friends to our tax rebate service, so much so that we offer a DSR Tax Refunds ‘Recommend a Friend’ scheme. We will pay you £50 for each successful introduction and if you are an extremely popular person with loads of friends, then we will give you a £150 bonus if you send five people our way within a 12-month period. That is an incredible £400! Just for helping your friends to claim their maximum rebate! How’s that for a happy ending?

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