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Caylee Thomas May 2018 WinnerDSR Tax Refunds are proud to announce that the winner of “DSR Tax Refunds Employee of the Month” for May 2018 is Caylee Thomas, Tax Compliance Officer. Caylee was the strong winner, voted for by a vast majority by her team members, and picks up the prize of a trophy and an all-expenses paid meal. Her victory is the result of an outstanding month of achievement.

Founder of DSR Tax Refunds, tax preparation specialist David Redfern stated that “Caylee was the overwhelming winner for the month, and we are all so delighted to see her development within the role and the way that she rises to the challenges she is set to go above and beyond to meet those challenges”. He added that Caylee has continued to impress since she joined the team earlier this year. He noted that that she was the first female employee to win the Employee of the Month trophy, highlighting the important role women play within the workplace. He added that Caylee had recently passed her Anti-Money Laundering examination with 100% of the marks to be the first member of the Compliance Office to achieve this feat and had shown an outstanding effort in self-improvement on a week by week basis.

Head of Compliance Jack Meakin added that Caylee was the deserving winner in May, stating that “In less than two months, Caylee has gone from being completely new to compliance, to passing her AMLCC training with 100% of the marks and is now a fully-fledged member of the DSR Tax Refunds team. She’s grown in confidence with every week that has passed”.

And from the winner herself? Caylee commented that she was “over the moon and totally overwhelmed to have won – everyone in the team works so hard that I never expected to win but I’m really grateful for everyone who voted for me and I intend to keep up the good work”.

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