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How can DSR Tax Refunds help builders?
We’re a friendly and helpful bunch here at DSR Tax Refunds and our team of tax experts want to help you to gain your maximum rebate fast! That’s why we’re here to take the hassle out of your tax expenses. Whether you are a CIS worker or a PAYE worker, you are bound to a pick up some expenses just from doing your daily job and we at DSR Tax Refunds don’t want you to be out of pocket for a moment longer than you have to be. That’s why our tax preparation specialists can help you claim back those expenses from HMRC quickly and simply – maximum rebate, minimum fuss!
Tax Rebates for CIS Workers
Whichever area of construction you work in, if you are paid via the CIS Scheme (see our handy guide for more information), it is likely that you are entitled to a tax rebate. And if you have any out of pocket expenses as a result of your job, it is likely that your rebate could be even higher. But who wants all of that hassle at the end of a hard day, right? Luckily for you, DSR Tax Refunds are here to help. You can either request our pack or give one of our friendly team a call on 0115 795 0232 and we will take all the hard work out of claiming.
To help you get your maximum rebate fast, we need a bit of information from you – such as income, mileage, and any expenses you are claiming for (and check out our handy Builders Expenses Guide to see just what you could be claiming for). We will need your receipts too – these are best sent as copies but don’t worry if you can only send the originals, that will work too.  Our team will then set to work getting you the maximum refund possible. And we work quickly too – that money could be with you within 21 days!
Tax Rebates for PAYE Workers
Some guys have all the luck don’t they? CIS workers can claim these amazing tax rebates and poor PAYE workers get nothing, yes? Well actually no! Although PAYE workers can’t claim for everything that CIS workers can claim for, there are still some expenses that you will be able to claim. And that means more money coming back to you! Basically, if you have bought something for the purposes of doing your job that you wouldn’t have bought otherwise, you should be able to claim that cost back.
As with CIS workers, we will need your receipts – preferably copies but if you only have originals, that’s fine. And as with CIS workers, our team of tax experts will get to work calculating your maximum refund.
Request your pack today or call our team on 0115 795 0232.

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