DSR Tax Refunds Announces Opening of Think Tank

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Conference room with chairs

Conference Room

Following the time-honoured tradition of companies assigning quirky and interesting names to conference rooms, leading tax rebate specialists DSR Tax Refunds announce the opening of their “Think Tank”. The Nottingham-based tax preparation specialists today launched their new conference room, which has been dedicated to the growth and innovation of their employees.

While Tumblr has named its meeting rooms after famous New York buildings, such as the Carnegie Room, to honour its New York location and Instagram has chosen a Game of Thrones theme for their rooms, DSR Tax Refunds has chosen to inspire with their new conference room. Tax expert and founder of DSR Tax Refunds, David Redfern, stated that “as part of the business vision for DSR Tax Refunds, we aim to harness the talent, creativity and inventiveness of our employees because they are our best resource”. He added that the new conference room was dedicated to channelling the innovative vision and resourcefulness of their employees to drive the business forwards towards greater success.

Redfern stated that DSR Tax Refunds wanted to nurture a sense of collaborative working, with all team members working together in a state of continual improvement. He added that “our new Think Tank is a space for our team to get together and brainstorm new ideas and ways of working. It is our aim to constantly improve our business processes and ways of working, so that we can continue to meet the highest standards in terms of our client care as well as ensuring that DSR Tax Refunds remains a great place to work”.

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About DSR Tax Refunds
DSR Tax Refunds are a firm of tax rebate specialists serving clients nationwide. DSR Tax Refunds are tax preparation experts who specialise in identifying potential allowable expenses for tax rebates for clients. Their specialist team can help employed and self-employed subcontractors with all relevant paperwork to ensure their claim is handled in an accurate and efficient manner.

For more about DSR Tax Refunds, visit https://tax-refunds.co.uk/

For media enquiries, please email info@tax-refunds.co.uk or call 0115 795 0232

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