DSR Tax Refunds Launch ‘Compliance Matters’ Campaign

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Compliance MattersLeading UK tax specialists DSR Tax Refunds Ltd are proud to launch their ‘Compliance Matters’ campaign to shine a spotlight on the importance of compliance with HMRC regulations for taxpayers, both businesses and those taxpayers who are required to submit a Self Assessment tax return. The campaign also aims to set the bar for industry standards, demonstrating to clients and competitors alike the expectations that clients should require of tax agents in their dealings with HMRC.

DSR Tax Refunds director David Redfern noted that the campaign launch was timely, stating that “With the Self Assessment deadline now less than 3 months away, the time is right to raise awareness of the importance of compliance regarding HMRC rules and regulations. As people prepare and submit their tax returns, many including small business and partnerships are wrongly encouraged to inflate expenses or downplay income with the intention of avoiding their tax responsibilities. It is our aim with this campaign to encourage taxpayers, as well as those within the industry, to comply with HMRC compliance rules as well as to educate those taxpayers who are not aware of the rules and regulations to avoid them falling foul of HMRC”. He added that DSR Tax Refunds aimed to be industry leaders in terms of setting the high standards that tax preparation agents were expected to follow.

The campaign, which lasts until the end of January 2019 (HMRC’s deadline for submitting Self Assessment tax returns) and will consist of several strands, including a seminar centring around important compliance issues to address in one’s Self Assessment as well as educational and informational demonstrations intended to increase taxpayer awareness. Redfern added “DSR Tax Refunds’ intention is twofold – to stress that HMRC compliance matters as well as to clear up any misunderstandings or misinformation surrounding matters relating to one’s Self Assessment tax return”.

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