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Ambitious Nottingham Tax Practice DSR Tax Refunds signs sponsorship deal with English Super Middleweight Boxer Jack Mantel.
Nottingham Boxing Champ Jack Mantel is set to become the British Middleweight after his title fight at the Motorpoint Arena, sponsored by Nottingham Tax firm DSR Tax Refunds as part of a new strategic partnership.

The partnership will see English Middleweight boxer Mantel wearing the company’s logo on his shorts and all boxing clothing and hosting a number of corporate events for the DSR Tax Refunds growing client base in the Nottinghamshire
Commenting on the announcement Jack Mantel said he takes a lot of pride in fighting for Nottingham and each time he competes he has Nottingham’s reputation at stake in following of the footsteps of Carl Frotch
“I get huge personal satisfaction from supporting successful Nottingham businesses with big ambitions.  My new partnership with DSR Tax Refunds is a great fit from this perspective and I look forward to what lies ahead,” he said.
“The company’s commitment to being the best in its field aligns with my own ambition of competing for British title fights rising up the world rankings in the coming years”
DSR Tax Refunds is a specialist tax expenses practice and a leading tax Claims Company established in Nottingham.
“Jack’s commitment to his boxing mirrors our commitment to our clients and with many shared values such as hard work, dedication and professionalism, I am confident it is a partnership that will be hugely successful,” David Redfern Founder at DSR Tax Refunds said. “Our clients can look forward to many exciting events with Jack in the future and we wish him the very best of luck at the fight in the Nottingham arena in September.”
As part of the agreement, the DSR Tax Refunds branding will also display on the front and back of Jack’s boxing shorts running until the end of 2018
DSR Tax Refunds are tax preparation experts, based in Nottingham, UK. They specialise in helping clients claim back overpaid taxes on a no-win, no-fee basis.
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