Tax Expert Firm Aim High With Investors in People Accreditation

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DSR Tax Refunds, a Nottingham-based firm of tax preparation specialists, spoke today of their intention to align their company with the highly-prized ‘Investors in People’ accreditation. DSR Tax Refunds founder and leading tax expert David Redfern spoke of how his company have begun the process to achieve the internationally renowned people management standard, which is recognised across 75 countries worldwide as the gold standard of investment in and mentoring of staff.
Investors in People Accreditation
Redfern stated that “we have always recognised that our greatest asset is our staff – from our tax preparation specialists to our amazing customer service team – and without them, we wouldn’t be able to give our clients the outstanding customer care they receive from DSR Tax Refunds”. He added that it was only through the constant nurturing and developing of the team, including regular CPD (Continuous Professional Development) training, that they could achieve the phenomenal results they do, and bringing their people management practise into line with the Investors in People accreditation was a way of demonstrating their commitment to their hardworking team.
Redfern noted that “our company has had an amazing year so far and that is all down to the hard work and determination of our fantastic team”, pointing out their unparalleled increase in client numbers, and expansion into two new office sites by the end of 2017 to meet demand for their expert services. He concluded by expressing his aim for DSR Tax Claims to be the best in the tax preparation business and noted that joining the 14,000 companies worldwide who were recognised as being leaders in people management was “one big step on the road to achieving our goal.”
DSR Tax Refunds are tax preparation experts, based in Nottingham, UK, who specialise in helping clients win tax refunds on a no-refund, no-fee basis. Their specialist team can help workers and subcontractors with all relevant paperwork to ensure their claim is handled in an accurate and efficient manner.
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