HMRC Phone Chaos Prompts Tax Return Warning

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HMRC self assessment deadline

HMRC warning about self assessment deadline

One of the UK’s leading tax experts today warned taxpayers who need to submit a Self Assessment tax return not to leave it until the last minute due to continuing problems in contacting HMRC. David Redfern, founder of DSR Tax Refunds, spoke ahead of the 31st January deadline for tax return submission, stating that although he understood why people often leave their tax returns until close to the submission deadline, HMRC’s phone problems could leave people open to penalties and fines for late filing.
Responding to reports that HMRC’s phone lines and webchat services have been plagued with issues since last month, Redfern noted that “the temptation is always there to leave your tax return submission to the last minute but if you then encounter any problems and you need HMRC’s help to complete your tax return, you are going to find yourself missing that deadline”. He added that “with an automatic £100 penalty for missing the 31st January deadline by just one day, it could end up being a costly mistake to make, especially when personal finances are tight after the festive period”.
Redfern added that HMRC always faced high demand for their services at this time of year due to the sheer number of people submitting a Self Assessment tax return, pointing out that over 10 million people in the UK will be expected to submit a tax return by the 31st January deadline. He noted that this huge number of people all being required to submit their tax returns at the same time could only result in a massive demand for HMRC’s services. He concluded by stating that “taxpayers with complex tax returns or who qualify for a number of different tax reliefs might be better served by trusting their tax returns to tax specialists, which would have the added bonus of cutting out the need to deal with HMRC altogether”.
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