What is a P11D

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We know what you’re thinking – not another one of those dreaded HMRC forms! And yes, you would be right, that is exactly what a P11D is! It is the way your employer tells HMRC about any benefits you receive through your employment. If you are wondering whether you should have one and what it all means for you, let our experts at DSR Tax Refunds explain it all for you. And if you get to the end and you still want to know more, give one of our friendly team a call on 0330 122 9972 and let us help.

So, what is a P11D?

A P11D is a form that your employer sends to HMRC to tell them about any benefits you might receive through your job. Examples of these kinds of benefits include private medical insurance, childcare or company cars. Although you don’t pay for these benefits – your employer does – you do pay the tax on their “cash equivalent”, that is how much they would cost if you were to pay for them yourself. So the P11D tells the HMRC which benefits you receive and details the tax you pay on those benefits. They are applicable to all employees who earn over £8,500 per year and receive taxable benefits.

Does this apply to you?

If your employer doesn’t provide you with any benefits then this doesn’t apply to you and you won’t receive a P11D. And there are some benefits which aren’t taxable – such as safety gear, equipment or services to allow you to do your job if you are disabled, or an occasional taxi home of you have worked late. And then there are expenses that are classed as “trivial”. There is no clear definition of what these include but basically, if it would cost more to process the tax on these benefits than the actual cost of the benefit, then it would be classed as trivial and not taxable.

However, if you receive benefits such as:

Then you will pay tax on these benefits and your employer will need to fill in a P11D for HMRC. You should also get a copy of this.

Do you need to do anything with your P11D copy?

It is really important that you check your P11D carefully when you receive it. Because it details all the tax that you have paid as a result of any benefits you have received, you need to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes on it. And if there are, you might be entitled to a refund on any tax you have overpaid for benefits you don’t receive. DSR Tax Refunds are the experts at reclaiming overpaid tax, so you could do worse than give our friendly and professional team a call on 0330 122 9972 and let us help you claim your maximum refund. We’re so confident we can help, we offer our services on a no-refund, no fee basis.

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