HMRC fines how DSR Tax Refunds can help

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We know that most people don’t like to think about HMRC fines and penalties and that is no surprise. Although our tax preparation specialists at DSR Tax Refunds are experts in all matters to do with taxation, we know that your average person isn’t. And it can be so easy to fall foul of HMRC when you are dealing with your tax affairs yourself. So how can DSR Tax Refunds help if you have been fined by HMRC. Check out our handy guide or call our helpful team on 0330 122 9972 and let’s see what we can do – after all, we aim to make our clients happy.

Why you might have received a fine from HMRC

Sometimes it seems bad enough that you have to pay out your hard-earned wages in tax anyway, never mind being threatened with a fine or penalty from HMRC on top but sometimes it happens. Some of the reasons that you might end up being fined by HMRC include:

It can be a real shock to get that kind of news through the post and you might not know where to turn for advice. Well worry no more, our team of experts are on hand to help you out with your tax problems. Call our professional team on 0330 122 9972 and we will do what we can to help. We have a good reputation with HMRC and after we have checked out your tax affairs, it might be that you are actually due a refund rather than a penalty.

What if you are a DSR Tax Refunds client

If you are already a client of DSR Tax Refunds then you will no doubt know that you have nothing to fear from HMRC. Our expert team are on your side, making sure that your returns are filed on time with good supporting information and that all queries are dealt with in a timely manner – leaving you free to spend your time in ways more enjoyable to you.

Our tax rebate service is guaranteed to be 100% HMRC-safe, which means that as long as the information you have provided us is accurate and complete, you have nothing to worry about. If HMRC raise an enquiry into your tax affairs, we will investigate and close that enquiry on your behalf at no extra cost to you. And if it were to come to pass that you had to repay your rebate, we would take care of that too. We deal with HMRC on your behalf so you don’t have to. Worries about penalties will become a thing of the past.

As you can see, when it comes to dealing with HMRC, it really pays to be a DSR Tax Refunds client. Not only do we aim to get you your maximum rebate fast, we also deal with HMRC on your behalf. Our good standing with HMRC means that we are able to make your life so much easier than going it on your own. And because we never claim a penny more than you are entitled to claim, you know that your refund is worry-free. Call our friendly team on 0330 122 9972 and let our experts make life smoother for you.

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