Tax refunds for construction sales staff

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You might be feeling a bit disgruntled if you are a construction sales employee – all this talk of construction workers and tax refunds but what about you? Aren’t you entitled to claim a tax refund at all? Our experts at DSR Tax Refunds are pleased to let you know that you too could be entitled to a tax refund and it could be backdated for up to four years. Read through our handy guide telling you everything you need to know about tax refunds for construction sales staff. Check out our handy online calculator too and if it suggests that you could be eligible for a refund, call our friendly team on 0330 122 9972 and let us get you your maximum refund.

What can you claim for?

Our experts have found that travel expenses make up the bulk of a tax rebate for most construction sales staff. If you have to travel to a temporary workplace (which, according to HMRC is anywhere you are temporarily based for less than 24 months) then you can claim those costs back. Or if you have to travel to other sites as a part of your job – those costs are eligible for tax relief too. Unfortunately, if your only travel is to your permanent place of work then you are not able to claim those costs back from HMRC.

If you are eligible to claim for travel expenses, then you can claim the HMRC approved mileage rates of 45p per mile for up to the first 10,000 miles (25p per mile for any travel above that) and if your employer pays you an allowance towards your business travel, but it is less than HMRC approved rates then you can claim the difference as tax relief. You can claim travel expenses whether you use your own vehicle or public transport although you can’t claim this if you use a company car.

You might also be eligible for tax relief on any costs associated with a company uniform if you are required to wear one as a part of your job. If you have to repair it, replace it or clean it, you can claim those costs back if they have been paid by you in the first instance.

So, what happens now?

If you think you are entitled to a tax refund, call our team of experts on 0330 122 9972 and let us get you your maximum refund. We deal with all of the paperwork on your behalf as well as dealing with HMRC so you don’t have to. We won’t claim a penny that you aren’t entitled to so you don’t need to worry that you will get into trouble with HMRC. We only want to claim back what is rightfully yours, not a penny more, and all our refunds are 100% HMRC-safe. And better still, once we have submitted your claim to HMRC, the money could be back in your bank account within 21 days because we at DSR Tax Refunds don’t want you to be out of pocket for any longer than is necessary.

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