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By now, we hope that all of the employees who are reading our guides – whether you are PAYE, CIS or self-employed – are familiar with the tax refund process and how it can get you your hard-earned cash back. But maybe you are an employer and are being asked about tax refunds by your employees? If this is you then you are in the right place. We at DSR Tax Refunds are experts in all matters tax and we know how hard it is to find good, quality information about tax refunds so let us answer your questions. Our friendly and professional team are always available to help – call us on 0330 122 7792.
Are your employees asking you about refunds?
When applying to HMRC for a refund on overpaid taxes relating to work-based expenses, employees are expected to gather a lot of information to support their refund claim. This information might relate to travel expenses or equipment purchases, for example. As a result of this information-gathering process, employees might ask their employer to provide that information. Or, they might get a tax preparation specialist like DSR Tax Refunds, to ask their employer on their behalf.
People are entitled to nominate anyone they like to act on their behalf as a tax agent, and because of the complex nature of taxation legislation, more and more people are turning to taxation experts like DSR Tax Refunds to act on their behalf – this way they can benefit from our expert knowledge whilst saving themselves the time and hassle of dealing with it themselves.
Why are DSR Tax Refunds asking you for information?
In a nutshell, one or more of your employees has requested DSR Tax Refunds to act as their tax agent in their behalf. This may be a current employee or someone who has worked for you within the last four years. As a part of our service as tax agents, we may have been asked to apply for a tax refund from HMRC or are helping them with their self-assessment forms, and therefore we are most likely after additional information to support that employee.
We aren’t trying to claim anything at all from your company so there is no need to worry if we contact you. We are dealing with HMRC on behalf of our client (your employee) and we just need information about your employee’s tax or expense affairs to support their claim. The refund will come from HMRC, from taxes that the employee has already paid, so there is no financial implication to your company at all. All we need to do is help our client to prove they have made an overpayment, so we will be after proof of mileage, tax deduction information and so on.
Is there anything that need concern you?
Not at all. This doesn’t mean that HMRC are auditing you or are looking at your company any closer than they were before we contacted you. We are acting on behalf of our client (your employee) with regard to their dealings with HMRC, that’s all.
In fact, if there are a number of your employees contracting us as tax agents on their behalf, then give our friendly team a call on 0330 122 9972 and let’s talk about ways that we can make it easier for both of us. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce!

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