Could you be due a tax refund?

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Our specialists explain why you might have paid too much in tax

As American president Benjamin Franklin once said, there’s nothing certain about life but death and taxes and for most of us, tax is a word we don’t like to hear too often. Tax usually means less money in your pay packet at the end of the working week. However, as many people are discovering, there are a number of reasons why you might be due a tax refund and our experts are at hand to explain all about tax relief and why you could have some of that hard-earned cash coming back your way.

If your job requires you to travel to a temporary workplace or a client site, as a part of your job, you could be entitled to claim your mileage costs back. Whether you are a builder travelling between construction sites or a care worker travelling between your service users, you could claim up to 45p per mile on your mileage. Public transport costs can also be claimed for if you have to travel for business purposes.  

Not all builders and construction workers work for an employer or are taxed through PAYE (Pay As You Earn). Many subcontractors in the construction industry work under the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme), which was introduced by HMRC to crack down on tax avoidance and means that contractors have to deduct 20% of subcontractors’ payments. If you have had too much deducted from your payments, we can help claim that back for you as well as for your job expenses.

Self-employed workers are entitled to claim tax relief on a range of expenses and some of these can be hidden. As well as the tools and equipment needed for your business, you can also claim for bank and credit charges, the advertising and office costs – including any cost incurred by using a part of your home as an office. As a self-employed person you may find that you have plenty of allowable expenses that you weren’t even aware of.

We’re afraid we can’t help you claim the cost of a designer wardrobe but if you are required to wear a uniform for work and you are responsible for cleaning or repairing it, you can claim for those costs. You can also claim if you are expected to replace any worn-out items yourself. This includes any safety gear you might have to wear for your job.

If you are have to pick up the cost of repairing and maintaining any tools and equipment for your job, you can claim for those expenses. And if you are expected to replace any of your equipment out of your own pocket, you can claim for this too so make sure you keep those receipts! So, whether you are a carpenter buying a new drill or a hairdresser replacing your straighteners, if you pay to maintain the tools of your trade, you could be due a refund.

Some professions require you to hold a professional subscription in order to do your job, such as security  workers requiring their SIA licence to work or nurses having to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council? Whatever your job, if you are required to hold a professional subscription to do your job, you can claim back these costs as tax relief.

Sometimes your job requires you to stay away from home overnight which always racks up the expenses. But if your employer doesn’t reimburse you for these costs or only a part of them, you can claim back your accommodation and subsistence costs as tax relief. HMRC knows that these are likely to cost more than just being in your home so you can claim these expenses back as a tax refund.

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