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Marriage AllowanceOne of the UK’s leading tax preparation specialist repeated his call for married couples, including those in civil partnerships, to ensure they are taking full advantage of their entitlement to Marriage Allowance. David Redfern, founder of DSR Tax Refunds, spoke out in light of HMRC’s latest press release which claims that one million couples are still not claiming the Marriage Allowance tax break that they are entitled to. Redfern has been a vocal supporter of increasing public awareness of tax relief and has urged married couples to claim their full Marriage Allowance in the past.

Redfern expressed his disappointment that more couples weren’t taking advantage of the full tax breaks open to them, stating that “just nine months ago I urged married couples to make sure they weren’t missing out on Marriage Allowance which could be worth nearly £1000 when backdated for the previous four years and yet still people aren’t heeding that message”. He questioned whether the public had the perception that claiming the tax allowance would be time-consuming and complicated, adding “applying for Marriage Allowance is such a simple process which can now be done online in a matter of minutes”.

Marriage Allowance allows married couples, including those in civil partnerships, to transfer any of their unused personal tax allowance to the other spouse and could leave couples up to £238 a year better off. Redfern stated that “with personal finances being squeezed ever tighter in today’s financial climate, it makes sense for people to ensure that they are claiming all the tax relief they are entitled to, especially when they are as easy as this to claim”. He finished by advising HMRC to increase awareness of the most common forms of tax relief that people were failing to claim.

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